Working With Us

We would like to share a few details that will help you understand what it would be like to work with us. LBTech Consulting offers several services that go beyond the general consulting paradigm.

First, we have found over the years that some of our clients call us for help but are often not sure of how much help they need or where the problems lie. Many consulting firms rely on customers to provide all the problem details. However, our consulting team knows that sometimes, with language technology, it takes experience just to tell what is broken.  How do you “know” what you “don’t know” and how do you know what to spend to fix it? That’s a tough question. We therefore offer a special Testing & Benchmarking report as a separate service. Clients are free to continue using our help to solve problems as they choose, or review the report with no further obligation.

Second, we realize that traditional consulting often means providing recommendations, implementing them and then considering the job completed. At LBTechconsulting, we take “consultant” to mean someone who empowers your team with knowledge. Whenever possible, we work with on-site teams to share information with our clients. So working with us means
our knowledge does not ever “go away” when our job is done – our job is done when your team knows what it needs to succeed.  Maintenance fees are never “built in” to our contracts. Maintenance can of course be requested but our overall goal is always to leave our clients with knowledge and the ability to use it.

Our consulting team is the best in the business and we believe our expertise speaks for itself. But we take deep pride in providing a unique high-touch approach to consulting that goes beyond just know-how.