What We Do

LBTech Consulting offers over ten years of expertise to our clients in the areas of data extraction, information retrieval, natural language processing, ontology and taxonomy development and search technology.

We are a consulting company that designs and executes solutions in the search and data-mining space, helping today’s companies to become semantic-web compatible.

Our team of qualified experts brings not just technology experience but a wide variety of subject matter expertise as well.

We are based in New York City and have worked with companies in finance, technology and security all
over the United States.

We pride ourselves on exceptional results achieved through a unique ability to think outside the box, work hard and put our customers’ needs first. Some frequently requested projects include the following:

- Taxonomy creation and knowledge management
- Mutli-lingual data extraction and character set correspondence resolution
- Data extraction and information retrieval solutions
- Online brand optimization
- Testing and quality benchmarking for performance of natural language systems

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